MADRID Yeti 2015 - Longboard Deck

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  • LBD857
Wheelbase: 730mm
Breite: 250mm
Länge: 984mm
Achsmontage: Top Mount
From the snow-capped peaks of Madrid Mountain, the Yeti’s call can be heard.... mehr
Produktinformationen "MADRID Yeti 2015 - Longboard Deck"

From the snow-capped peaks of Madrid Mountain, the Yeti’s call can be heard. This shred-sled features our new arc drop concave designed to keep you comfortable in a tuck and help you find the perfect toe/heel placement for those huge stand-up slides. Built for high-speed freeriding, the Yeti is made from 8 plies of maple with a black Formica top to add torsional stiffness and reduce road vibrations. A filled-out shape with mellow kicks makes all 38.875” of this board usable, and CNC-cut wheel wells leave room for big wheels. Dial in your setup to work how you want with wheelbase options from 28.75” to 29.5”. Don’t get buried, outrun the avalanche on the Yeti!

L: 38.875" W: 9.875" WB: 28.75", 29.125", 29.5"

Formica/Maple Layup, Arc Drop, Tub Concave, CNC wheel wells, Mellow Kicktails

incl: Griptape

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