MOONSHINE Proscrito Carbon - Longboard Deck

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  • LBD1215
Breite: 241mm
Länge: 965mm
Wheelbase: 597mm
Achsmontage: Top Mount
Deck only. Inklusive Griptape. Herstellerbeschreibung: The... mehr
Produktinformationen "MOONSHINE Proscrito Carbon - Longboard Deck"

Deck only. Inklusive Griptape.


The Moonshine Proscrito is Brandon DesJarlais’ definition of the perfect downhill skateboard.
Brandon has a long history with the Outlaw, and it has become his go-to board throughout his travels around the world. We wanted to take this tried and true shape to the next level as Brandon’s first pro-model board.

To start, we gave the Proscrito a full carbon fiber wrap for extreme durability, stiffness and pop. Building off the Outlaw’s incredibly functional and aesthetic features, we slimmed down the shape and added a subtle amount of w-concave to keep you extra locked in for tucking the straights and busting out those fatty toesides. To top it off, we redesigned the neck and grab rails for increased strength and ergonomics. 

If you’re looking for a lightweight, comfy, do-it-all speed machine - look no further.


DIMENSIONS | WEIGHT: 38" L x 9.5" W | 3.9 lbs

WHEELBASE OPTIONS: 23.5" - 25.75"


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