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PANTHEON Bandito JM Pro - Longboard Deck

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Some people will surely find this board to be quite little, and it is. It is an absolute... mehr
Produktinformationen "PANTHEON Bandito JM Pro - Longboard Deck"

Some people will surely find this board to be quite little, and it is. It is an absolute minimalist setup, with the intention of creating a board that is fully functional and also travels well. The platform itself is only 23.33 inches long. All you have to do is take the brackets off and shove them in a suitcase. Being so small, it was important that we provide solid reference points so that riders like you can feel the most important parts of the deck and know where you are at all times. This is where our Mazzone platform sets itself apart from all others before it. 

The Mazzone platform deck combines very comfortable nearly flat-concave through the body with harsh flares right at the very front of the “wings” of the board. These flares act as a natural footstop, and while they’re quite intense, they’re only at the very end of the deck, so the side of your foot curls up into them, and that’s where your foot stops. It’s all very ergonomic and definitely not an intrusive concave. The shape of the deck is cut in such a way your bracket will curl up right in front of the notched mounting area, and then the wings curl up on either side, and you get a full stopping point for your foot right at the front of the deck, which is where you want to ride this thing. We made sure to give you every bit of space you would need right at the front so you can get maximum power and speed. 

Be sure to couple your Joe Mazzone Bracket platform with the proper gear. We highly recommend using G-Bomb brackets. The glass brackets are the ones we had to design around, given that they have the strictest requirements with their shape. Feel free to use the DDS, DDR, Glass Bracket, and the Carbon Feather. All have been tested to work with this shape. For the rear, you can either use another bracket or any of the Torsion Tail options. Other brackets components like those from Exile Mfg in Europe have come back with mixed results, and we look forward to hearing more about their functionality and relaying that information over time. 

For trucks, we generally will recommend your favorite setup pumping trucks. We are also offering a total complete with a Paris 150 50/43 setup with Seismic Speed Vents. We have tested this setup and feel that it is an extremely fun board and will definitely save you a couple of hundred bucks at least with getting started. You can bring the down the 43 degree Paris an additional 15 degrees and run it as a 28-degree truck with the front around 55-60 degrees, and you’ve got yourself a super fun board that is stable in the straights, pushes like a champ and pumps quite efficiently. It is not the top performer, but it makes for a super fun pump/push hybrid setup that doesn’t break the bank as much.  

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