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ROME Katana Black Snowboard-Bindung 2021

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  • SBD259-LXL
Tried and true, the Rome Katana is the binding that pushed the envelope and redefined what... mehr
Produktinformationen "ROME Katana Black Snowboard-Bindung 2021"

Tried and true, the Rome Katana is the binding that pushed the envelope and redefined what customization means for bindings. This all-terrain butcher is equally comfortable dissecting tree runs or spinning through the jump line. Armed with the new ProFlex ankle strap, ultra-adjustable PivotMount Max and the surfy board feel only found on Rome’s AsymWrap platform, the Katana is always dialed and never dull.

The Katana is our ultra-light binding that pushed the envelope on customization and connected comfort. Now a staple in the line thanks to the its ground breaking AsymWrap Tech, this versatile beast of board-feel helps keep you darting through trees, but doesn’t lose the power you need to rail euro carves. Always the innovator, the Katana gets our new ProGrip Toe Strap for an even more snug fit. The AsymChannel Highback provides the backbone for all-mountain precision, while the fan favorite Ultralight Ankle Straps keep the good times cranked to 11.  

Key Tech:
AsymWrap Technology: Three points of asymmetrical heel hoop connection, flex oriented for maximum board feel, surfy side to side, responsive toe to heel
AsymChannel Highback: Powerful glass filled nylon with a line of coring for a responsive flex pattern
Ultralight Ankle Strap: Supportive padding + ergonomic shape = no pressure points
ProGrip Toe Strap: All new futuristic injected toe strap that uses Auxetic Shape Technology for unmatched hold and connected-comfort
D30 V-Rod SubBase Pad: Impact absorbing material built into the asymmetric baseplate pattern

Customization Tech
PivotMount Max Technology: Our most advanced PivotMount for on-the-fly ankle strap placement adjustments
Tool-free Yes, I Cant Technology
Cant-In-The-Back ll  
Full highback rotation with channel adjust
Tool-free highback forward lean adjuster

Flex: 7-9/10
Sizes: M/L, L/XL
Colors: Black

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