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ROME Trace Black/White 2024 - Snowboard Bindung

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  • SBD344-ML
Neu in dieser Saison ist die Trace, die auf unserer neuen HeelWrap-Plattform basiert, die für...más
Información del producto "ROME Trace Black/White 2024 - Snowboard Bindung"

Neu in dieser Saison ist die Trace, die auf unserer neuen HeelWrap-Plattform basiert, die für elegante Einfachheit und einen unterstützenden Ride-Alles-Flex entwickelt wurde. Diese vielseitige Bindung verfügt über unsere bewährten ProFlex-Knöchelriemen mit dem legendären Locked-in-Halt von AuxTech®, um die ganze Saison über für gute Laune zu sorgen.

  • Riding Style: All Mountain
  • Binding Platform
    • The new HeelWrap platform offers fool-proof simplicity with a supportive ride-anything flex. Featuring an adjustable aluminum heel hoop with two points of connection to the baseplate, interacting directly with the board to help absorb chatter whilst providing plenty of response.
  • Straps
    • ProFlex Ankle Strap
      • Powered by AuxTech®, these are incredibly expandable, super-durable and provide superior locked-in hold.
    • ProGrip Toe Strap
      • Powered by AuxTech®, this innovative network of small hinges provides unmatched hold and locked-in grip.
    • Fast Entry
      • Bindings feature FastEntry Technology for super quick and easy entry into the binding. The pre-curved ladder on the ankle and toe straps are designed to pop open and help keep the straps out of your way while getting your boot into the binding. Strap in faster and easier thanks to FastEntry!
    • BombProof Buckles
      • BombProof Buckles are a one-piece forged aluminum construction for better grip and durability. Built with wider stance teeth area for more engagement, this makes for easier ratcheting and increased protection from wear and tear to your ladder straps.
  • Material: Highback 100% Nylon, Baseplate 30% Glass & 70% Nylon
  • Größen: M/L, L/XL (Abbildung 8)
  • Color: Black/White
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